Delivery worry for town’s traders

TRADERS hope delivery times will not be affected when a council introduces tougher town centre traffic measures.

The council has started looking at ways to curtail traffic flow in Kettering town centre.

And at last week’s executive committee it also announced plans to roll out controlled parking zones in Lower Street, High Street and Gold Street.

The council has said that it will consult with traders to find the best possible solution, with a view to implementing any new measures in about 12 months.

Daz Sellars, of Sellars Allsorts, in Lower Street, said: “I think there should be a curfew on when all kinds of vehicles come into the town so I’m for tougher measures.

“Some people do abuse the system and cut through the town centre.

“But my deliveries could be affected, as if they can’t come to the front of the store, they’d have to go to the car park behind the shop.

“The driver would have to lug all the delivery round to the front of the shop by hand.

“I need to think about what is best for my customers, but some disabled customers are able to visit my store by stopping just outside.”

Cllr Terry Freer said there is a problem with the amount of traffic passing through the town centre, whether it be deliveries or people abusing the system.

He said: “The current regulations allow too much access for too long a period of the day and we need to take a look at this and see how we can do things better.”

Gold Street and High Street traffic regulations currently dictate that on Monday to Thursday, blue badge holder and delivery access is allowed from 6pm to 11am. On Friday, access is allowed for blue badge holders and deliveries from 6pm to 8am, and on Sunday there are no restrictions.

Totan Nguyen, owner of Totan Jewellers, in High Street, Kettering, said: “I’ve got three stores in the town centre so if they do change the delivery times that will affect us three times over.

“Delivery times at the moment are strict so any other restrictions will not help.”

Tiffany Grimston, manager of the British Heart Foundation store in High Street, said: “We only open at 9.30am so if more restrictions are brought in that could affect our deliveries. A lot of customers who donate also park outside the store.”

The council says it will start to consult soon.