Defiant drivers ignore appeals to park legally

Drivers are continuing to ignore pleas to park responsibly near a school by parking on double yellow lines and putting lives at risk.

Notices have been put up asking motorists to abide by the law and not park outside Danesholme infants and the junior school, Corby, but some motorists are ignoring them. Parents are concerned that irresponsible parking is posing a danger to pupils when they cross Motala Close to go into school.

Gordon Oljaca, who lives in Great Oakley and has one child at Danesholme Junior School, said: “There is a safety issue. We either need more parking spaces near the school, or a zebra crossing. The way some drivers park can be very dangerous.”

His views were echoed by parent Elizabeth Milne. She said: “From time to time the police come round and monitor the situation. It gets better for a while but after a few days people go back to parking right outside the school. They just ignore the double yellow lines. It’s worrying but it’s hard to know what can be done about it.”

Nicola Potter, who lives on the Kingswood estate and walks to school with her daughter every day, said: “People parking right outside the school to drop children off can be dangerous. We see drivers doing it every day.”

Insp Gary Williams, the force’s commander at Corby, said: “In addition to regular patrols, we respond to specific issues raised to us and have consequently taken action outside a number of schools in Corby and the surrounding towns and villages. We employ a variety of tactics ranging from warning letters and tickets to helping schools to develop safety schemes such as the walking bus at Woodnewton.”

Parents who have concerns about irresponsible parking outside their child’s school can call police on 101.