Debbie thrilled to win Queen’s Nurse Award

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Multiple Sclerosis nurse Debbie Quinn says she is thrilled after finding out she is set to be presented with the prestigious Queen’s Nurse Award.

Debbie, who is part of the MS nursing team at Isebrook Hospital in Wellingborough, will be given the award at a special ceremony in April.

She will receive the Queen’s Nursing Institute award at the Commonwealth Club in London in recognition of her work with patients in the community.

Debbie’s nomination for the honour was supported by her manager Richard Glasspool and by two of her patients.

Debbie, who has been an MS nurse for eight years after taking up nursing 27 years ago, said she was delighted when she found out last month that she would be receiving the award.

She said: “I have just begun a post graduate diploma partially funded by the Queen’s Nursing Institute and they were encouraging people to apply for the award so I thought why not?

“I sent in forms to the institute along with support from Richard and two of our clients which then went to an external assessment panel back in November.

“I found out on January 21 I was to receive the award and was over the moon.

“The letter said it was ‘In recognition of your commitment to improving standards of care and to learning and leadership’.”

She will receive the honour in the form of a badge and a certificate.

In her role Debbie shares a caseload of 460 patients in north Northamptonshire with her colleague Carolyn Derry and secretary Michele Nunley.

She has spent most of her career working in the county and said she was thankful for the on-going support and congratulations from her colleagues.

Debbie said: “I would like to thank everyone who has been so supportive, Richard and the two clients who made submissions on my behalf and all my colleagues – although the jokes have started already.

“I have already had someone calling me ‘ma’am’.”

Others who have got in contact to congratulate Debbie include the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, which posted a congratulatory message on its website.