David shares set with Jonny Depp

David Hawker
David Hawker

HE’S shared the screen with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but Rushden film extra David Hawker said working with Tim Burton and Jonny Depp on their new movie was a very happy experience.

Mr Hawker has previously worked on many films, including Clash of the Titans, The Da Vinci Code, Love Actually, Casino Royale, King Arthur, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Golden Compass, Alexander and Martin Scorsese’s Hugo.

But his most recent experience on the set of Dark Shadows was a much more pleasant one than the time he spent working on Hugo.

The film is about an imprisoned vampire – played by Depp – who is set free and returns to his ancestral home to live with his dysfunctional descendants.

Michelle Pfeiffer and British actors Jonny Lee Miller, Christopher Lee and Helena Bonham Carter also star in the quirky comedy.

Mr Hawker, 66, plays a fisherman who is featured in several scenes with the A-list cast.

He said: “I am in Dark Shadows with Jonny Depp. It’s based in a fishing village and I play a fisherman.

“In one of my scenes Jonny Depp walks through myself and another extra. It was my first time for being on a Tim Burton film.

“There was good leadership on the set and there was a very happy crew.

“We did a lot of night shoots, which can sometimes get a bit tedious, but there wasn’t any animosity or any grumbling.

“Being on the set of Hugo, which was directed by Martin Scorsese, was not at all a happy experience.

“I enjoyed the Tim Burton experience a lot more.”

Mr Hawker’s career as a film and television extra is a far cry from his previous career in the Merchant Navy.

After leaving the Merchant Navy in 1982, Mr Hawker joined Bedford Amateur Operatic Society, originally behind the scenes but eventually he was coaxed out on to the stage to perform. His first job as an extra came in 1999 with a part in EastEnders.

Since then he has appeared in many films, and his television work has included Lost World, Henry VIII, Trial and Retribution and Tipping the Velvet.

Mr Hawker, who is the president of the Rushden branch of the Royal British Legion, has also appeared in an episode of Celebrity Juice.