Daughter who lost her mother to asbestos-related cancer appeals to former work colleagues from Burton Latimer

Doreen Doughty was diagnosed with mesothelioma a fatal form of asbestos-related cancer and died just five months after visiting her GP
Doreen Doughty was diagnosed with mesothelioma a fatal form of asbestos-related cancer and died just five months after visiting her GP

The family of a shoe machinist from Burton Latimer is searching for answers after losing their mother to a fatal form of asbestos-related cancer they suspect is linked to her working conditions.

Doreen Doughty – née Drage – worked for shoe manufacturer Whitney and Westley from 1965 to 1981 as a machinist.

Her diagnosis came to light after she visited her GP in March 2018 with tightness and pains in her chest that her family put down to a potential infection.

Much to Doreen’s surprise, the doctor admitted her to hospital for a biopsy which revealed she showed signs of mesothelioma – a fatal form of asbestos-related cancer.

"It was all so quick – one minute mum was sitting down with the GP and then the next she was having fluid drained off her lung and being told she had an asbestos cancer," said daughter Helen Strudwick.

"It was devastating."

Doreen’s health continued to deteriorate and she had to have fluid drained off her lungs on a regular basis.

She passed away in August, just five months after visiting her GP.

Her family fear that toxic asbestos may have been in her workplace, including as fire protection on steel beams, and that she might have been exposed during her time there.

Her daughters, Helen Strudwick and Lesley Newman, are now appealing for former colleagues to come forward with any information that might help to establish if asbestos had been used at the Whitney and Westley factory, with support from specialist asbestos solicitors, Thompsons Solicitors.

"We are desperate to find out where she was exposed to asbestos, and who was responsible," said Helen.

"The team at Thompsons are helping us to piece together her working history because mesothelioma is caused in the majority of cases by exposure to asbestos in the workplace but we need help from those who worked there at the time."

The family is asking anyone with information about working conditions at Whitney and Westley, particularly between 1965 and 1981 to contact their legal team at Thompsons.

Thompsons Solicitors' Steve Fitzwalter said: "Asbestos usage is a terrible mistake of the past that has major implications on people’s lives in the present.

"People like Doreen’s family who are now having to live with the legacy of loss that this dangerous substance causes."

"We are hoping to get more information about whether asbestos was used more generally to lag beams and steelwork in the factory where Doreen worked and which may have put her at risk.

Anyone with information can contact Mr Fitzwalter at on 0121 262 1280, or email stevefitzwalter@thompsons.law.co.uk.