Daughter’s plea after fatal crash near Finedon

Jenny Tilley, who died in a crash near Finedon on December 5, 2014
Jenny Tilley, who died in a crash near Finedon on December 5, 2014

A daughter is urging drivers to take more care so others won’t have to suffer the heartache she has felt every day since losing her mum.

When Emma Browne saw her mum Jenny Tilley on Friday, December 5, last year, she never thought it would be the last time she would see her alive.

Just two hours later, she and brother Harry, 21, were told their mum had died in a two-vehicle crash on the A510 from Finedon.

Emma, 24, of Wellingborough said: “She had actually only seen us 40 minutes before it happened and it happened on the way home, so I think that made it even harder to believe that one minute you can be talking to someone and the next they are taken from you.

“I want people to remember there are other people on the road and to drive carefully at all times as you really don’t know what effect it has on people until you go through it yourself.”

Tomorrow marks 12 weeks since the crash, but Emma says they are still struggling to come to terms with what happened.

She said: “I never expected her to go that way because she was such a careful driver.

“She kept to the speed limits and she drove as she was supposed to.

“I just want people to try and take care because you don’t know the effects it will have on someone’s life.”

She added: “It was literally a couple of seconds and she was gone straight away.”

Police took the family to the crash scene the day after and they laid flowers and tinsel trees as it was so close to Christmas.

Emma’s four-year-old daughter still wakes up some nights crying for her grandmother, and Emma wants to make a memory box for her eight-month-old son who is too young to remember her.

She added: “I used to do her hair and I miss that.

“I miss sitting on the sofa with her with a coffee, with the kids there and having a gossip like we used to.

“We spoke nearly every day on the phone. That’s so hard not being able to pick up the phone and ring her.”

Jenny, 56, was a carer in Wellingborough and had started a new life with partner Chris in Brigstock.

The police are still investigating the crash.

Church packed for funeral

Jenny Tilley was born in Wellingborough and her dad owned Coles Butchers in Broad Green.

She lived in Main Road, Wilby, until about a year before her death when she moved to Brigstock.

St Mary’s Church in Wilby was packed for her funeral on December 30.
Emma said: “She touched a lot of people in lots of different ways.

“She was so thoughtful and was always there.”