Date set for Little Stanion parish election if contested

Little Stanion
Little Stanion

Elections for a new parish council could take place next month.

Following a community governance review conducted in 2017, it was agreed that a parish council be created for the area known as Little Stanion; currently Little Stanion is part of Stanion Parish.

Little Stanion Parish Council came into being on Sunday (April 1) and will no longer be part of Stanion Parish.

Elections need to be held for the new parish council and these elections, if contested, are scheduled to take place on Thursday, May 3.

Poll cards are going out this week to eligible registered voters in Little Stanion.

Anyone living in Little Stanion must make sure they are registered to vote by Tuesday, April 17, by going to

Anyone already registered to vote does not need to re-register to vote unless you have had a change in your circumstances or moved address.

Anyone who is going to be away on May 3 should consider how they can vote in this election if contested.

If the election is contested, postal votes will be sent to electors from April 13.

To arrange a postal vote you can download an application to vote by post from

The deadline to amend an existing postal vote arrangement or request a postal vote closes at 5pm on Wednesday, April 18.

To arrange a proxy vote you should download an application to vote by proxy from

The deadline to arrange/amend a proxy vote closes at 5pm on Wednesday, April 25.

If after April 25 you find you are unable to go to the polling station to vote in person because of work reasons or you have a medical emergency, you can apply to vote by emergency proxy.

Completed applications must arrive before 5pm on May 3.