Dance studio at Corby school to be relocated despite petition by students

Kingswood Secondary Academy.
Kingswood Secondary Academy.

A dance studio at a Corby school is to be knocked down despite more than 1,000 signatures on a petition to save it.

In March a petition was set up to save the studio at Kingswood Secondary Academy which was earmarked for relocation.

The school had announced plans to move the studio which possessed mirrors, lighting and a sprung floor, to increase canteen space.

But the petition, which attracted 1,320 signatures, had no effect on the outcome.

Principal Andy Burton said: “The dance facilities are not being closed at Kingswood.

“We remain committed to offering dance as a subject at the academy for students at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

“It is true that we are relocating the facilities in order to meet the broader needs of the academy, its pupils and staff, and those of the wider community.

“There is a letter to parents available on the school website fully outlining our plans for extending the academy day to meet these changing needs.

“The relocation of the dance facility is a part of this broader plan.”

Sixth form student Josh Miller says the news has come as a great shock.

He said: “Unfortunately, we found out on Friday (June 17) that the dance studio in the academy will be knocked down to create more space in the canteen area.

“This has come as a great shock, to know that what we had no effect on the decision to get rid of the purpose-built facilities.

“I am so grateful for all the help we got from the public and the amount of people that supported us along the way but unfortunately we had no effect on the decision made so as of September the purpose-built, sprung floor dance studio will be a canteen space and the dance and drama department will be down to a theatre and a studio, which is far from adequate for the department.”