Dad to face his fears and jump out of a plane after being inspired by Corby’s Cat In A Hat

The sponsored Cat In A Hat walk for Cat Anderson
The sponsored Cat In A Hat walk for Cat Anderson

A dad is set to face one of his biggest fears when he jumps out of a plane to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

Robert Anderson of Corby is terrified of heights, but the bravery of his daughter who has an incurable brain tumour has led to him facing his fears and signing up for the parachute jump.

The fundraiser is the latest in a series of events organised after Cat Anderson was diagnosed with a brain tumour last August.

Since her diagnosis, family, friends and even complete strangers have been getting in touch to show their support for Cat and hold fundraisers to help the family with travel and living costs while she is undergoing treatment.

Mr Anderson, also known as Rab, said: “It all started from my daughter being diagnosed with a brain tumour in August last year and from there people have wanted to do things to help.

“But a lot of the time, people feel like there’s nothing practical they can do so one of my nieces decided to have a head shave in support.

“That was the first event and then we set up the Facebook page.”

Since then, the support and number of events being organised for Cat In A Hat has just snowballed.

He said the messages as well as different pictures of people in hats had been really encouraging for Cat to see, and he added: “It does mean an awful lot to us, it means more to us than the money that has actually been raised.”

He will be using the support already shown as well as his eldest daughter’s bravery to get him out of the plane on the day.

He said: “I thought if she can do this, then I can try and face my fear.

“So I called my friend and said let’s get me on that plane.

“Sometimes I can put the fear of heights to the back of my mind, but I have been waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming about it.”

Cat has had surgery three times in the past six months as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Her dad said: “What has happened has definitely inspired me to do it.

“A little bit of Cat’s bravery has rubbed off on me.

“But the whole family think I’m mad.”

More than £6,000 has already been raised by various Cat In A Hat fundraisers and Mr Anderson hopes the money raised by his jump will help fund further research into brain tumours.

He will be one of four who will be jumping from a plane at Sibson Airfield near Peterborough on June 27.

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