Cycle during rush hour

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I am constantly amazed at the lack of cyclists during rush hour – we are so backward in this town with its faded cycle markings on lousy road surfaces (London Road/Stamford Road).

I suppose it’s not just laziness but fear. I’ve noticed things are so much better in many European towns.

Kettering is ringed by villages no more than four miles away – no distance at all on a decent bike. In these days of electronic gadgets we are not encumbered by files or homework. So many seem to need a car just for a mile or two actually in the town itself, even with no shopping to carry!

I cycle to Kettering from the other side of Orlingbury; a bit further but it’s a lovely route until you get to Pytchley Road and the now pathetically narrow ancient railway bridge – why isn’t there a cycle route by the brook from Tesco to Asda – and it keeps me fit and well. I suppose I could use my bus pass – a stupidly generous concession to a fit adult less than 65 – but it frees up a bus seat, not that many seem to be occupied even during the morning and evening rush hours. Just nose-to-tail cars carrying one or sometimes two people and gridlock for all but cyclists by the schools.

Dr John Fitton

By email

I would like to say a big thank-you to Cllr Belinda Humfrey with regard to the Tesco versus Sainsbury’s saga. She has worked very long and hard to try to get what the Desborough people wanted.

A great shame the rest of the council and members of the planning department could not have done the same.

Ccome down from your ivory tower – the fall will be very hard when you do.

In the words of Nagajan Bapodara, a shopkeeper in Desborough, it is “a very sad day for democracy and a sad day for Desborough”.

Norman Riches

Eastbrook Hill,