Culling badgers is not answer

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On December 14, the Government announced that they were to push ahead with a badger cull.

Badgers would be culled under licence in parts of south-west England to prevent bovine TB. Animal welfare groups have been fighting against this supposed solution to TB in cattle for a very long time, not only because of the obvious cruelty and suffering involved (farmers are to be allowed to shoot them), but because it will not work.

It is estimated that the cost of policing the trials will be £80m, which will be an unjust waste of taxpayers’ money, considering the results of a recent 10-year study by top scientists concluding that “badger culling alone cannot meaningfully contribute to the control of TB”.

The League Against Cruel Sports believes the Government should be using every available resource to produce fully functional vaccines for both badgers and cattle, as a long-term, effective solution.

Defra has again gone against the wishes of the people in its plans to go ahead with a badger cull, which is not just cruel, but illogical.

Vaccination is a far more humane and effective solution.

If you would like to help prevent the culls going ahead, please visit the League Against Cruel Sports website at

C M Richardson

Church Street,