Cube overspend still a cause for concern

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In the ET on March 26 we had the leader and the deputy leader of Corby Council dodging their duty when they had a great opportunity to inform the borough’s citizens of the vast overspending at the council.

They quote legal advice given and some information exempted way back in December 2007.

This was an in-house decision and provides a convenient smoke screen, so instead of promoting accountability and transparency by Corby Council in the spending of our hard earned money, we were left without wide availability of all the relevant information.

It is a given fact that neither the full Cube report nor the Audit Commissioner’s report will ever see the light of day.

Hardly democratic!

In the interest of transparency I quote the following: “The contract sum would lie between the original forecast of £24.5m and the maximum budget available for construction of £25.5m”.

And a later quote from an official is as follows: “What I can say is that the original budget was £35.8m. This was increased by £2.3m in 2009 and by £3.5m in 2010 and by £5.5m in 2011, making £47.1m”.

Yes that’s an increase on the very first and original budget of more than 92 per cent, or £22.6m.

You apparently regret this huge overspend but refuse to explain how it happened or who is responsible.

When efforts are made to expose those whose duty it was to manage the Cube project, you descend to slagging mode.

It illustrates the paucity of your position and it loses the attention of the reader.

This vast overspend clearly showed that the project board lacked the necessary technical, functional and project management expertise and experience, but also that the personnel employed to oversee the project were also found wanting. You will be well aware that this project board, which included the representatives from the four other partners involved in the project was formed in such a manner as to prohibit feedback to any forum of any kind, open or closed.

The board members need to be identified and held to account.

The greater disgrace is the shocking ease with which Corby Borough Council wastes money. While citizens of Corby are forced to make sacrifices and pay and pay even more of our hard earned money toward services, the white elephant that is the Cube, sits as a bleak testament of a profligate and reckless project.

BARRY O’BRIEN Ridding Close, Corby