Cubase – a simple way to compose music

Jess Parnell from Wrenn School reviews the Cubase computer programme.

Cubase is a computer programme that you can compose music on.

It is used for songwriters or for school lessons, to show people the steps of composing music in the simplist form.

You can add mulitple instruments, ranging from choirs to rock; this widens the target audience and opens up to fill more genres.

You can add up to eight musical instruments and change the volume so you can make a piano louder than a flute or make the bass higher or lower.

Cubase is quite simple to use after an hour of working with it.

The icons represent what happens, so the scissors cut what you want so you can delete a certain bit, for example.

You can also start and stop recording on any line and at any place on that track number, which helps if you want to start in the middle of a beat of four or after it.

It also gives you a clicker so you know the beat of four and work up around that.

Once you add all the tracks, it will build up and turn into a song with the correct instruments.

Cubase does cost, the new one, which is version 7.5, costs £488.

Yes, it is very expensive but if you are serious, you can make the money back anyway by selling songs.

I have done Cubase for an enrichment at Wrenn School for the past few weeks and I now know how to use the programme.

I would recommend this course to people who are interested in song writing and making music, because it is the first stage of something big.