Crowds gather to welcome the Queen

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Well-wishers are gathering outside The Cube in Corby to welcome the Queen.

And one couple was determined to get a good view.

Cathy De-Boer, 44, of Desborough, and her partner Simon King, 45, who lives in Barton Seagrave, picked a good spot at 9 0’clock this morning.

Cathy said: “We have been so excited about the visit. We love the Queen but we’ve never seen her in real life. We wanted to get a good view.”

Armed with flags, banners, balloons and Union Jack hats, the couple are all set to cheer for the royal visitor.

Cathy said: “I’ve brought along a picture of my late grandfather, Charles Beard. He receive an MBE back in 1972 for services to Corby.

“He was the chief clerk at the steelworks. He would be very proud today.”

Simon said: “It’s a great occasion and we wouldn’t have missed it. I’ll be doing the coffee runs over to McDonalds.”

Denise Sharman, 51, of Exmouth Avenue on the Exeter estate, Corby, has been waiting outside The Cube since 8am.

She said: “I’m so excited to see the Queen. I went to London for the flotilla on the Thames and came home all aches and pains but it was worth it.”

The Queen is expected to arrive at 3.10pm for a tour of Corby swimming pool and The Cube.

Watch a video of the crowd waiting for the Queen