Crowds gather for the 2015 Women’s Tour as it passes through Northamptonshire

Women's Tour starts in Oundle NNL-150619-122046001
Women's Tour starts in Oundle NNL-150619-122046001

The world’s best female cyclists have set off on the third third stage of the Aviva Women’s Tour in Northamptonshire this morning.

Crowds and cyclists gathered in Oundle Market Place ready for the 10am start today (Friday).

The race is due to finish in Kettering town centre at around 1.30pm.

Northamptonshire’s own cycling pro Hannah Barnes, who grew up in Towcester before moving to Burton Latimer, is taking part and has said she is looking forward to a rare opportunity to compete in her home county.

The 22-year-old, who spends much of her time cycling for a team in North Carolina, USA, said said: “My mum and dad miss most of my racing in America, so we are all looking forward to them being there on the day. A lot of my old friends from the county are coming to support me too, which will be really nice.”

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the athletes racing through the county today, Northamptonshire County Council has advised the following standing points and times:

Women's Tour begins in Oundle NNL-150619-122018001

Women's Tour begins in Oundle NNL-150619-122018001

Oundle Market Place (start) – 10am

Upper Benefield – 10.21am

Lower Benefield – 10.24am

Oundle Market Place – 10.30am

Women's Tour begins in Oundle NNL-150619-122030001

Women's Tour begins in Oundle NNL-150619-122030001

Fotheringhay – 10.41am

Nassington – 10.46am

Woodnewton – 10.51am

Apethorpe – 10.55am

King’s Cliffe – 10.58am

Blatherwycke – 11.05am

Bulwick – 11.08am

Laxton – 11.11am

Harringworth – 11.16am

Gretton – 11.22am

Rockingham – 11.29am

Corby, George Street – 11.36am

Cottingham – 11.42am

East Carlton – 11.45am

Pipewell – 11.51am

Rothwell, Glendon Road – 12pm

Desborough, Gold Street – 12.05pm

Harrington – 12.13pm

Kelmarsh – 12.19pm

Naseby – 12.29pm

Hollowell – 12.43pm

Guilsborough – 12.46pm

Ravensthorpe – 12.50pm

Spratton – 12.57pm

Brixworth, Holcot Road – 1.02pm

Scaldwell – 1.06pm

Old – 1.09pm

Mawsley – 1.15pm

Loddington – 1.23pm

Kettering Market Place – 1.32pm

There will be rolling road closures throughout the day to make way for the cyclists. It is anticipated to take up to 30 minutes for the race convoy to pass any given point along the route, listed above.

There will also be the following disruptions:

- West Street, New Street, St Osyths Lane and North Street (south of the junction with Blackpot Lane) in Oundle will be closed all day today.

- A one-way system running clockwise will be in place on East Road, South Road, Mill Road, Benefield Road, Milton Road and Blackpot Lane.

- Gipsy Lane (south of Bowhill) and Northampton Road (east of Northfield Avenue) in Kettering will be closed between midday and 3pm.

- Sheep Street in Kettering will be closed from 4.45am to 6pm.