Crowd of 10,000 cheers for the Queen

The Queen waves goodbye to a 10,000-strong crowd at Corby after a royal visit heralded a massive success
The Queen waves goodbye to a 10,000-strong crowd at Corby after a royal visit heralded a massive success

A crowd of 10,000 cheering well-wishers welcomed the Queen to Corby for a visit heralded a huge success.

The atmosphere in the town on Wednesday was electric as residents and people who had travelled from across the region packed the town centre.

Leader of Corby Council, Tom Beattie, said: “What a fantastic day for Corby. I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped make the Queen’s visit a great success.

“The atmosphere generated by the crowds of thousands who lined the royal route was nothing I have ever experienced and probably wont again, so thank you to everyone who turned out.

“The Queen clearly enjoyed herself from start to finish. Her staff paid numerous compliments and were full of enthusiasm for the efforts that Corby made and we have also been congratulated by the police for the first class planning and organisation that went in to running the event.

“With the royal visit an outstanding success we are now looking forward to putting on another proud Corby show with the Olympic Torch Relay next month.”

The Queen watched a spectacular display in Corby swimming pool involving hundreds of dancers, swimmers and divers.

She went on to watch a 10-minute performance in The Core theatre, involving young singers, dancers and musicians.

At the end of the mini royal performance the Queen was invited onto the stage to receive a gift from the people of Corby and town mayor Mohammed Rahman presented the royal visitor with a book about Rockingham Forest, an ancient royal woodland.

Cllr Rahman, said: “I feel so proud to have helped welcome Her Majesty to our town. Not only do we have fantastic facilities that we were able to show her and the rest of the country but we also have fantastic people who really came together to make the day so special. To the crowds, stewards, organisers, police and performers a big well done and thank you.

“There was a real celebration feel from start to finish with entertainment at every step, including dancing, singing, music, swimming, diving and more. All of the hard work and dedication of every single performer who took part in each and every aspect of the visit really did pay off. They were just phenomenal and should be so proud of the role they played.

“The Queen’s visit was truly a moment that I, and I’m sure the rest of the borough, will never forget.”