Critically acclaimed author meets pupils at Corby school

A critically acclaimed author captivated students during a visit to Corby Business Academy.

Author Brian Conaghan with a group of Corby Business Academy students
Author Brian Conaghan with a group of Corby Business Academy students

Brian Conaghan is best known for his novel When Mr Dog Bites which was shortlisted for the 2015 CILIP Carnegie Medal.

During his visit the former English teacher spoke to the school’s GCSE English students and book club members and visitors from Brooke Weston Academy.

Mr Conaghan said: “This is a great school and the students are lovely.

“If there is one thing I want to leave the students here with it is the importance of reading.

“Reading empowers you and gives you confidence.

“When you read you spend time with yourself and it helps you to feel comfortable with yourself and raises your self-esteem.”

The school’s librarian Amy McKay said: “It was a fantastic occasion and we are so grateful that Brian came to see us.

“Brian really held the students’ attention and they asked him some very intelligent questions – they were a credit to the academy.

“It’s great that our English teachers encourage our students to read exciting, contemporary books, such as When Mr Dog Bites, because the students really connect to them which is a very big thing for some students.”

Assistant director of English Rebecca Horridge sat in on one of Mr Conaghan’s talks with her Year 10 and 11 students.

She said: “When Mr Dog Bites is a fantastic book and my students have really enjoyed reading it with me.

“Brian was brilliant and funny and all the students loved his talk.”