Youths told to behave or risk getting an ASBO

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Police have clamped down on anti-social youths by threatening them with ASBOs.

Anti-social behaviour is also down in Wellingborough, with 834 incidents recorded over the period October to December 2012, compared to the previous three months when 1,074 reports were made.

Police hope to continue the downward trend by tackling various aspects of anti-social behaviour, including juvenile nuisance and litter. Anti-social behaviour contracts have been drawn up for seven key offenders in Finedon.

The contracts contain a number of conditions to which they must agree, or risk being handed an ASBO.

Inspector Pauline Sturman said: “Northants Police recognises the impact incidents of anti-social behaviour have on victims and on the wider community. We allocate staff for daily patrols in areas where there have been incidents or where the community have identified it as a priority issue for them.

“We can also use a cluster of different tactics to concentrate on specific geographical areas, such as in Finedon where we have identified several youths associated with anti-social behaviour, the majority of whom have now been issued anti-social behaviour contracts.”