Young robbery victims urged to come forward

Northamptonshire Police have asked young robbery victims to come forward
Northamptonshire Police have asked young robbery victims to come forward

Young victims of robberies have been urged to come forward by Northamptonshire Police, following a number of incidents over the past few weeks.

Across the county, police officers have received a number of reports of robberies and assaults by young people on other young people, either in the street or when the victims are on their way to or from school.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Woliter, said: “If any young person, parent or carer has any knowledge about any robbery they should contact the police or Crimestoppers immediately so they can receive support and guidance and help us prosecute the offenders.

“Every robbery is dealt with by a detective and will be thoroughly investigated to ensure everything is done to find the offenders and prosecute them, with the aim of them receiving very heavy sentences.”

Offering advice to help prevent young people becoming victims of crime, he added: “Parents, children and carers can prevent this type of offending by ensuring young people don’t overtly display mobile phones or other valuable items, because that increases the likelihood of them being targeted by offenders.

“And if someone is the victim of a robbery, they should not resist the attack – it’s safer to give property away and then report it to the police immediately.”

In some of the robberies seen over the past few weeks, knives have been used to threaten the victims and in others victims have been physically assaulted.

Items stolen have included mobile phones, bags, bicycles, skateboards, money and jewellery.

Incidents have been recorded in the majority of the county’s large towns, including Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and Northampton.

Anyone who is a victim of a robbery, or who has information they think could help the police, can call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.