Wicksteed Park's Wicker Man burnt in suspected arson

The minotaur Wicker Man at Kettering's Wicksteed Park has been set on fire and burnt before the park's annual Bonfire Night in what police suspect was an arson attack.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 10:15 am
The minotaur as it looked before it was set on fire

A police spokesman said the fire service were called at about 5.30pm yesterday (Monday) to Wicksteed Park after reports their 30ft wicker man was on fire.

Firefighters then called police because they believed it to be arson.

Police are now investigating and said it looks like the offenders got in through some fencing.

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Kate Mulliner took photos of the minotaur when she saw it had been burnt on her morning walk

The minotaur has been completely burned out, with just a part of his right arm and leg remaining on the wire frame.

It had been built earlier this year in preparation for Wicksteed Park's Bonfire Night on Saturday, November 2.

Every year, Wicksteed Park burn a wicker man alongside their fireworks display. This year is the park's 18th bonfire night event.

The minotaur was due to be lit at 7.15pm on the evening with fireworks following at around 8pm.

Kate's photos have been widely shared on Facebook

Those looking forward to the event have reacted angrily on Facebook after photos of the burned minotaur were shared online.

Kate Mulliner took photos of the burnt minotaur this morning and said: "Gutted to see this on my walk this morning.

"Absolute a*******s set fire to the Wicker man before Saturday's event."

Many people have shared and commented on Kate's post expressing their disappointment and anger.

The minotaur wicker man has been burnt ahead of Wicksteed Park's Bonfire Night celebrations

Police are asking anyone with information to call them on 101 quoting incident number 19000577398.

Wicksteed Park have been contacted for comment.

Wicksteed Park's Bonfire Night starts at 5pm and tickets can be bought online or on the gate.

The wooden palettes for a bonfire are still intact behind the wicker man