Wellingborough’s top cop highlights issues

Insp Pauline Sturman
Insp Pauline Sturman
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The new top cop for Wellingborough has highlighted her priorities for policing in the borough.

Inspector Pauline Sturman was recently appointed as the new sector commander for Wellingborough.

She’s spent recent weeks settling in to her role and identifying priorities.

The former community safety inspector for the county will be able to draw on the experience gained in her previous role when tackling policing issues for the town and the surrounding villages.

She said: “I wanted to get a feel for the area and for the issues which are relevant to the local community.

“It’s about tailoring what we do as a police service for what our residents want.

“We recognise that there are issues, such as burglary, which are really emotive and intrusive into people’s lives and that’s something we want to focus on.”

One issue Insp Sturman is particularly keen to tackle is the poor perception of anti-social behaviour compared to the reality that the number of reports has fallen.

A total of 834 incidents were recorded over the period October and December 2012, compared to the previous three months when 1,074 reports were made.

She added: “People’s perceptions are their reality and I am really mindful of that, so I need to ensure that where there are core objectives for us to deliver that it is localised policing in a local context.

“We need to be able to show residents what we are doing, and that we are tackling the issues that have been raised.

“I am going to be looking at methods of intensive engagement to address where the perception is greater than reality.

“With serious acquisitive crime, like burglary, robbery and vehicle crime, as well as enforcement measures, we are considering what we can do around prevention.

“If anyone has any information that they want to share, so that we can act on it, they should call us or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”