Wellingborough man jailed for attempted murder

Jan Penkiewicz
Jan Penkiewicz

A man repeatedly stabbed his girlfriend before falling asleep in bed next to her as she lay thinking she was going to die.

Jan Penkiewicz, 51, carried out the savage attack on Teresa Bialy in December, just hours after the couple had been socialising with friends on Boxing Day at their home in Albert Road, Wellingborough.

Penkiewicz appeared at Northampton Crown Court last Thursday where Judge Rupert Mayo jailed him for eight and-a-half years for attempted murder, which Penkiewicz admitted.

He and the victim struck up a relationship about six months prior to the attack. The victim maintained contact with an ex-partner, which became a sore point.

The evening before the attack, the couple were drinking with two friends at home.

The victim awoke at 4am when Penkiewicz, armed with a kitchen knife, began to stab her in the back while shouting he wanted to “finish everything” by killing her and himself.

Penkiewicz then tried to suffocate his partner with a pillow and also stabbed her in the chest with such force that the blade penetrated one of her lungs.

The victim said she begged Penkiewicz to “finish her off” as she was convinced she was about to die.

Penkiewicz fell asleep after the attack and the victim used the opportunity to escape – stumbling to a neighbour’s house.

Paramedics said Miss Bialy’s clothes were saturated in blood and she would have soon died.

A victim statement was read, in which she said since the attack she had been unable to work as she had been damaged both physically and emotionally.

Defence barrister Matthew Kirk, mitigating, said Penkiewicz “utterly regretted” the incident.

Judge Rupert Mayo said: “Your partner’s contact with her ex-partner was something that soured your own relationship and you were becoming increasingly jealous.

“This has changed her life permanently and I suspect she will never trust anyone ever again.”