Warning after Kettering burglar climbs through open window

A Kettering burglar stole expensive electrical items after climbing through a window left slightly ajar.

Police have urged the public to make sure their home is locked and secure after the incident in Gower Close between 10.15am and 2.45pm on October 4.

Police have appealed for witnesses

Police have appealed for witnesses

A rear bedroom window at a house was left slightly open, which the burglar entered the property through.

Once inside they stole a space grey iPad Air 2, white iPhone SE, red and black faced Nokia phone and £3 in cash.

A police spokesman said: “25 per cent of burglars in Northamptonshire get into people’s home via an unlocked door or window.

"By making sure your home is locked and secure when you leave, you will significantly reduce your chances of being burgled.

“Anyone with information about suspicious activity in their area is encouraged to report this to us on 101.”