VIDEO: Police probe double deaths

Police are investigating whether the deaths of two pensioners in Loddington were a murder and suicide.

The body of a woman named locally as Margaret Knight, 77, was discovered by officers at her home near the village of Loddington, at 2.10pm on Wednesday.

Two bodies were discovered by police at a property in Loddington

Two bodies were discovered by police at a property in Loddington

After searching the remote property police then found her husband Donald, 78, dead outside the property.

On Thursday, Northamptonshire Police revealed they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the deaths.

A police spokesman said: “After receiving a report at 2.10pm on Wednesday, police discovered the body of a 77-year-old woman and a 78-year-old man.

“We are not seeking anyone else in connection with these deaths.”

A post-mortem examination took place at Leicester Royal Infirmary to establish the cause of death.

Mr Knight’s family ran Knights of Old – an international shipping company based in nearby Kettering – for many years.

Mr Knight held the position of chairman at the distribution company until he retired 15 years ago. Another family has owned the business since.

The business was set up by one of his ancestors, William Knight, in 1865.

Kettering mayor Jim Hakewill said he spoke to Mr Knight on Tuesday while he was on the campaign trail.

He said: “I literally just knocked on his door this week and we were talking about writing a book.

“We had a conversation about politics and we were talking about years ago when I was a farmer’s son and had to take my tractor to his company.

“He said he had left the company years ago and was going to write a book.

“They’ve been a local family around here for donkey’s years.

“I’m so sad to hear what’s happened, I really am. I’m so sorry for his family.

“He seemed fine to me when I saw him. He was in good spirits and talking about writing a book.”

Another villager, John Townsend, 65, added: “His family were the founders of Knights of Old. I knew Donald was the chairman but he retired ages ago.

“I heard a helicopter hovering over in the afternoon and loads of police cars screamed through the village.

“My son said there was 10 outside the house.

“It’s horrible to think that it might be a murder suicide.

“No-one I’ve spoke to seems to know why it would have happened. It’s very sad because they seemed like a devoted couple.”