VIDEO: Dog’s eye view of policework

New footage released by Northamptonshire Police gives viewers a ‘dog’s eye view’ of Roddy during one of his regular training sessions.

The force’s dog section will assist officers when looking for wanted or missing people and during searches for illegal or concealed substances.

In this scenario, two people have hidden in the surrounding woodland and a screwdriver and knife have been dropped in other parts of the field.

Roddy, a six-year-year old German Shepherd, has been with Northamptonshire Police since 2009.

Dog section trainer Peter Gray said: “Dogs can play an important role assisting officers in detecting and solving crime.

“This video, from one of our training days in Northampton, is a great insight into how a dog goes about its search and shows they can not only track down people but items they may have discarded along the way as well.”