Timeline of what took place on the day Charlie was murdered

Police believe the killer may have left the house along this path
Police believe the killer may have left the house along this path

Police have revealed the timeline of what took place on the day of Charlie Varga’s murder.

Det Chief Insp Martin Kinchin, who is leading the investigation, described the series of events which unfolded at Mr Varga’s home in Cannon Street, Wellingborough.

He said: “Mr Varga was someone who got up fairly early in the morning. He always got up and started tending to his vegetables in both his back and front gardens. On Wednesday, July 27, 2011, we know that he was up and about as he received a visit at about 9am, which was a pre-arranged visit by a Hungarian woman who went to Mr Varga for help to acquire a TV licence, because he spoke English and she didn’t. She left at about 11.30am.

“At 11.45am Mr Varga received a visit from his next door neighbour who gave him a parcel which had been delivered the day before. So we know that at 11.45am he was still alive.

“Just after midday, at 12.04pm, CCTV showed that a male approached the front door of the house and after a short pause he was let into the house. Two minutes later the CCTV showed the front curtain of the fully glazed front door was pulled. The CCTV shows us that the curtain never moves again until the body of Mr Varga is found on Saturday, July 30.

“When the police attended the house on July 30 it was as a result of Mr Varga’s daughter not being able to make contact with him. She went to his house because a friend had raised concerns. The daughter had a front door key but she couldn’t get in because the key was in the front door on the other side and it was locked. From this we know that the offender must have left from the back door.

“When his daughter went to the back of the house she found that the curtain had also been pulled across the glass door. The back door was locked, but the key wasn’t present. From this we believe that the offender had to have left via the back door, locking the door and taking the key with him.

“They would have come out of the back door gate of the address. From there they could have gone in a number of directions. The person who visited him at 12.04pm has never been identified. After that time Mr Varga has was never seen again on the CCTV footage and he never answered his telephone. For these reasons we believe that was the time of his murder. However, we have to be live to the possibility that the person left through the back door on the day and that someone else might have entered through the back door afterwards.”