Thrapston carer barricaded patient in room because he wanted some rest

He has been jailed

Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 2:59 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th February 2020, 3:00 pm

A 'selfish' carer from Thrapston jammed a chair under a door handle so his patient couldn't escape - before going off for a snooze himself.

Jordan Kidd spent his 30th birthday in court and then behind bars after he was jailed at Northampton Crown Court on Friday (February 7).

He had earlier admitted the wilful neglect of a vulnerable 27-year-old disabled man in his care in Northampton.

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Northampton Crown Court.

Between 5pm on September 21 and 8am on September 22 last year Kidd left the non-verbal patient - who has several complex conditions and requires 24/7 care - for at least four hours.

The man’s day carer found him the next morning still imprisoned in his bedroom by the chair.

He was found in a severely distressed state and Kidd, of Sidings Close, was sent home before he was reported, sacked and then charged.

He has now been jailed for three months.

Judge Rupert Mayo said: “This was a very selfish and unpleasant act.

"You did this purely for your own benefit. Whatever your problems, you should have left them at home.”

Detective Constable Hannah Roche, who led the investigation, said: “Jordan Kidd deliberately committed a crime of neglect against a vulnerable disabled man, who relied on him for care and support.

“We’re dedicated to investigating, and bringing criminals to justice and in this case one who neglected one of society’s most vulnerable people.

"A custodial sentence is very much welcomed.”