Thieves targeting mobile phones in pubs and clubs

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Police have issued a warning about looking after your mobile phone while out and about after a number of reported thefts.

There have been several reports of mobile phones being stolen from people in pubs and clubs in the county, and officers are asking anyone on a night out to be aware of this and to make sure they keep their property safe.

DC Robin Peasland said: “We would advise anyone out in busy, crowded places to be vigilant at all times and make sure they look after any valuables they have on them, in particular expensive mobile phones.

“We are aware that thieves have been targeting people in pubs and clubs, stealing phones from unattended bags and purses or causing a distraction and taking the phone from a pocket or handbag.

“We would like to remind people to take extra care of their belongings when out socialising and to bear the advice given below in mind.”

Here is some safety advice from the police:

- Be vigilant when in crowded places and never leave any belongings unattended

- Phones placed on bar tables are attractive to opportunist thieves

- Do not leave bags open or on the backs of chairs

- Keep handbags within sight at all times

- Use any inbuilt security lock codes which your phone may have

- If you use a phone, make sure you put it away out of public view at the end of the call so as not to tempt an opportunist thief

- To protect your mobile phone and other property visit and register your details for free