Thief who stole four TVs on the same day from Asda in Northampton avoids jail sentence

Asda supermarket in Harborough Road, Northampton
Asda supermarket in Harborough Road, Northampton

A thief who stole four TVs worth almost £1,000 from an Asda supermarket in Northampton has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Paul Connell, aged 32, of Longmead Court, Blackthorn, Northampton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court after he pleaded guilty to three theft charges and one count of assault.

The court heard that Connell walked into the Asda store on December 18 last year and took a TV, worth £249, off the shelf, and then walked out of the store with it.

Analysis of CCTV footage showed that Connell then came back later in the day and put a further three TVs in to a trolley and then again walked out of the store without paying.

On December 28 he then walked into the Waitrose store in Kingsthorpe and stole more than £600 worth of alchol.

Jenna Allen, prosecuting, said Connell was confronted by a security guard in the car park of the store but Connell then threatened him with a “multi-tool” implement that included a knife, which was not unfolded.

After hearing that Connell had been offered a full-time job in Northampton. Judge Mayo decided to impose a suspended sentence.

Connell was given a jail sentence of 13 months, suspended for 18 months. He was also given a two-month curfew from 7pm to 5am.