Search your gardens and sheds for murder weapon

What the murder weapon could look like
What the murder weapon could look like

Crucial evidence which could lead to Charlie Varga’s killer is still missing, including the murder weapon.

Mr Varga’s back door keys are also still missing and police believe the killer took them from the scene after locking the door behind them.

Det Chief Insp Martin Kinchin said: “Mr Varga was struck a number of times around the head with a weapon which had an axe-like or hatchet-like blade – or potentially a substantial meat cleaver type weapon. The blade of the weapon might only be 5–7cm in length.

“We conducted searches on several occasions of the streets in the area of Mr Varga’s house and we have never located the murder weapon.

“I can’t say that the weapon has not come from Mr Varga’s house. Either the offender has taken the weapon to the scene or they have used the weapon after finding it at the house. Mr Varga had a huge number of tools.”

DCI Kinchin is not ruling out the possibility that the weapon could have identified the offender if it was from a workplace or had unique markings.

He added: “There would still be DNA, potentially the victim’s DNA, on it, even at this late stage. One of my concerns is that the offender has walked away and thrown the weapon into a hedge or a garden and someone has found it and put it in their shed because they are not aware of the significance of it, or they have thought ‘it’s not going to look good on me and people are going to think I did it’. We can eliminate people very quickly from this investigation.”