Rushden Co-Op armed robber locked up for five years

Freeland is starting his prison sentence tonight
Freeland is starting his prison sentence tonight

A man who robbed a convenience store in Rushden armed with a flick-knife has been sent to jail after admitting the offence at court.

James Michael Freeland, 28, of No Fixed Abode, put on a black balaclava before entering the store in Grangeway at 10.20pm on Thursday, April 11, brandishing a flick knife.

He jumped over the counter and threatened two staff members with the knife, forcing them to hand over cigarettes and money from the till. He then escaped.

After following a number of lines of enquiry, detectives honed in on Freeland and three days after the crime took place, he was arrested. He was subsequently charged and decided to plead guilty at Northampton Crown Court today (Thursday, May 16).

Lead Investigator, DC Chris Johnson, said: “We’re very pleased that Freeland decided to plead guilty to this crime as it prevents the two staff members from having to go to court, face Freeland once again and give evidence.

“That evening, Freeland thought he could make a quick buck by robbing a store and terrorising two innocent workers in the process.

“He has instead been rewarded with a prison sentence just shy of six years and I hope that this serves as a lesson to others who would look to make money in this way.

“Our message to those people is simple - Northamptonshire Police will always pursue you, until you’re not counting the money you’ve made, but the number of days left in the years we have put you behind bars for.”

James was sentenced to five years and seven months.