Robber jailed after knife attacks at KGH

Steven Argo
Steven Argo

A heroin addict who stabbed a Kettering Hospital doctor during a terrifying robbery has been sent to jail.

Steven Argo, 37, pleaded guilty to two robberies where he threatened his victims with a Stanley knife if they did not hand over cash.

Northampton Crown Court

Northampton Crown Court

Argo, of Huntingdon Gardens in Market Harborough, locked Dr Garner in his Audi A3 and threatened him with a knife while lunging at him on Thursday, March 27.

The doctor managed to overcome him and in the process suffered a three inch wound between his thumb and index finger.

The court heard Argo had carried out a similar attack the day before.

Prosecuting, Alex Bull told Northampton Crown Court on Friday, April 11, that Argo was a patient at the hospital when, on Wednesday, March 26, he went in to the car park and got in to the car of Andrew Pettigrew, who was there visiting a relative.

Mr Pettigrew was about to leave car park B when Argo jumped into the passenger seat and said, “I want your money”.

The victim handed over two £20 notes but Argo said he wanted more.

After giving him a further £200, Mr Pettigrew was able to escape the vehicle and Argo walked away.

But the next day, armed with a Stanley knife, Argo jumped into the passenger seat of the car belonging to Dr Garner, who had just arrived in the staff car park for an afternoon shift at the hospital.

Argo demanded his car keys and wallet and said that if Dr Garner did not do what he wanted he would stab him.

He began to lunge towards Dr Garner using a stabbing motion with the knife.

When he tried to get out of the car, Dr Garner realised Argo had used the key fob to lock the vehicle.

Miss Bull said: “Dr Garner feared for his life.

“He did not know what Argo was going to do.”

Argo asked for the doctor’s PIN number and Dr Garner said they were in the glove box.

The doctor then tried to snatch the knife and in the process received a deep wound to his hand which damaged the muscle.

Miss Bull added: “Dr Garner realised his hand was beginning to bleed heavily.

“He did not think Argo had meant to stab him, just to threaten him.”

Argo opened his door at one point and the doctor managed to push him out of the car before getting out himself and running into the diabetic centre, shouting for help.

Argo was later arrested and both his victims picked him out at an identity parade.

He admitted two robberies, two counts of possession of a bladed instrument and one count of unlawful wounding.

Mitigating, Gary Short said: “This is related to a long-standing drug problem.

“The reason he came to be at Kettering Hospital was for treatment to ulcers on his leg.

“His drug addiction is out of control. He is sorry for what he has done.”

Sentencing Argo to four and-a-half years in jail, His Honour Judge Rupert Mayo said: “It is very frightening for anybody to have an armed man in their car, lunging at them with a Stanley knife.

“You injured Dr Garner’s hand, which he needs for work.”

Speaking after the sentencing, Det Sgt Sue Robb from Corby CID said: “This is a good result for us.

“Argo was a serious threat to the public as he was targeting people in the hospital grounds.

“We’re pleased that he’s now off the streets as a result of a detailed and extensive operation carried out by officers at Northamptonshire Police.”