Raunds flasher who assaulted police officer jailed

A man who indecently exposed himself in Raunds before attacking a special constable has been locked up.

Christoper Nast, 36, admitted the appalling behaviour at Northampton Magistrates' Court after the incident in High Street on August 24.

Christopher Nast.

Christopher Nast.

Nast, of no fixed abode, assaulted a man and threatened another woman.

He then "committed a public nuisance" by indecently exposing himself on the main road and assaulted a volunteer police officer.

Magistrates said he had a "flagrant disregard for people and their property".

Nast was handed jail sentences of 26 weeks for indecent exposure and 12 weeks for assaulting an emergency worker, to run consecutively.

Further prison terms of eight weeks for assault for threatening behaviour were made to run concurrently, making his total spell behind bars 38 weeks.

A charge of being drunk and disorderly was withdrawn.

Magistrates also ordered Nast to pay compensation of £61 to both the special constable and man he attacked.