Prisoner who stabbed Kettering baby killer Andrew Randall in the eyes is jailed for 20 years

Baby killer Andrew Randall
Baby killer Andrew Randall
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A man who tried to kill a convicted child murderer from Kettering has been handed another life sentence.

Jason Jay stabbed Andrew Randall, who was given a whole life term in 2007 for torturing and murdering his baby daughter, at Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire in 2007.

Jay stabbed Randall in both eyes, causing one to be completely removed. He also slashed Randall’s throat and poured scalding water on his head and back.

Jay, who was already serving a life sentence for murdering a pub landlord in Taunton, appeared at Northampton Crown Court today (Thursday, March 21) via video link from HMP Woodhill in Milton Keynes.

The 47-year-old had pleaded guilty to attempted murder at an earlier hearing. Two of his accomplices in the attack, Patrick Maughan and Arthur Pitt-Pladdy had already been given extended sentences.

Prosecutor Peter Arnold said Jay attacked Randall with a razor blade welded on to a toothbrush and a paintbrush which was sharpened into a makeshift dagger or stiletto.

Jay entered Randall’s cell while Maughan and Pitt-Pladdy kept lookout, and, following the attack, Jay took another prisoner hostage and threatened to kill him.

Mr Arnold said: “This defendant, Jay, had clearly put some effort into planning the attack. This was a ferocious and prolonged attack using both the weapons.”

He also said the attack caused Randall several large wounds to the head and his throat was cut to a significant depth.

He received burns when Jay poured scalding water, which Randall had taken to his cell in a Thermos flask in order to keep him going through the night, over him.

During the attack, Randall tried to hide under the bed in his cell, but Jay dragged him out. Randall shouted he had had enough, but his attacker replied he would tell him when it was enough. Mr Arnold said that was the only thing Jay said during the incident.

Mr Arnold added: “The attack being over, the victim being left in a pool of blood and significantly injured, this defendant went downstairs to the next landing and there he took a fellow prisoner hostage.

“He held him for several hours at knifepoint. He threatened to cut his throat. Eventually he relented. That was the end of the incident.”

In police interviews, Jay said he attacked Randall because he had taken a dislike to him. When asked why he had stopped the assault, he said it was because he thought Randall was dead.

Appearing for the defendant, Malcolm Galloway said Jay had no regrets about the attack. Jay laughed out loud when Mr Galloway told the court this.

Judge Rupert Mayo gave Jay a life sentence with a minimum term of 20 years in prison, as well as concurrent sentences of two years for false imprisonment and nine months for threatening to kill.