Police’s advice to Northamptonshire residents after offenders attempted to break into vehicle using scanning device

Police are appealing to the public for footage of the incident.

By Megan Hillery
Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 2:53 pm
Updated Tuesday, 8th December 2020, 2:55 pm

Officers are asking members of the public for any footage of the Brackley area between 2am and 4am this morning after two people were seen trying to break into a car.

The footage could be from CCTV, doorbell cameras or dash-cams. Officers are looking for people or a vehicle moving particularly within the ‘tree’ estate or roads coming off Radstone Road.

The incident happened in Wordsworth Close, Brackley at around 3.20am when two people were seen trying to break into a car in the area using a scanning device. They, thankfully, did not manage to get into the vehicle.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Police said: “We’d advise people to invest in signal blocking pouches for their car keys as this can stop access to your vehicle by blocking your car key fob from transmitting its code to the vehicle, as the pouches are lined with layers of metallic material.

“Putting your keys in a signal blocking pouch will stop any thieves from being able to amplify the signal used in relay theft.”

Anyone with any information or footage of the area between the stated times should contact Northamptonshire Police on 101, quoting crime reference number: 20000647191.

Two offenders attempted to break into a car on Wordsworth Close in Brackley using a scanning device.