Police warning about burglaries for the Bank Holiday

police tape
police tape

Officers are reminding people in the county of the importance of home security during the extended Bank Holiday weekend and the potential for insecure burglaries.

With celebrations taking place across the county people will be out and about, which may be seen as an opportunity for would-be thieves.

A police spokesman said: “We know people will be celebrating or even going away, and we want to remind people to be conscious of their home security to ensure they are not leaving their homes open to risk.

“Many of the burglaries we are called to relate to windows being insecure, and often only open a little, but people need to remember that even if they leave it open an inch, it can be pulled open further.

“People must take care to keep their doors locked at all times, even when they are in the house, and to close windows in rooms that are not in use.

“Opportunist criminals will try a door and if it is open, they will simply walk in and take what they can. You can make it far less likely that your own home will be burgled by keeping doors locked at all times.”