Police need your help to find Charlie’s killer

The scene shortly after Karoly Varga's body was found
The scene shortly after Karoly Varga's body was found
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Police need help from the public to solve one of the most brutal murders to have taken place in Wellingborough.

Karoly Varga, 76, who was known locally as Charlie, was murdered at his home in Cannon Street, Wellingborough, on July 27, 2011.

His body was discovered a few days later on July 30. He died after being struck “a number of times around the head” with a bladed hatchet or axe-like weapon.

The investigation to catch Mr Varga’s killer has led to arrests, but no-one has been prosecuted for the murder and his killer remains at large.

Police believe a man shown on CCTV footage visiting Mr Varga’s home just after midday on July 27 may be the killer, and they believe the killer was someone he knew.

Det Chief Insp Martin Kinchin, who is leading the investigation, said: “This is one of the most brutal murders in recent times in Wellingborough. Most murders are detected in a relatively small amount of time. In this case, they had a three-day head-start on us because of the action they took at the scene and because they locked the front door and they locked the back door.

“The neighbour didn’t hear anything. There was no loud argument or loud disturbance. It’s quite cold and calculated. We are open to all possibilities, including that they could have gone with a plan to kill him.”

He added: “The CCTV we have is of a relatively poor quality because it was set up to monitor something else, but in the background it does show Mr Varga’s house. There is nothing to indicate that it is not a male. Mr Varga wasn’t a very big man. He was about 5ft 5in and 76 years old, albeit quite sprightly, but he was an elderly man and it wouldn’t have taken a huge amount of strength to attack him.

“It’s someone that Mr Varga was confident enough that when they came to his front door, he let them in. It’s someone he knew, or someone he knew of.”

Speaking about Mr Varga’s lifestyle, DCI Kinchin said: “Mr Varga lived a very frugal life, still in keeping with the kind of lifestyle he would have grown up with in Hungary, but he had money. There is a perception that he might have kept money at the house, not huge amounts of money, potentially a couple of hundred pounds. But we don’t know if he did have money there, or if people just thought he did.

“He was well known for helping people who came into the country. He was someone who befriended people he helped. He was not a money lender, he was a kind old man who had money and would lend it.”

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