Pair are jailed after conning migrant workers

TWO men who conned immigrant workers with false offers of work in the county have been jailed.

Milan Tkac, 31, and Tomas Zabensky, 50, enticed workers to Northamptonshire and handed them false documents promising accommodation and work in return for a fee, which was about £300.

The two defendants, who were based in Sutton Coldfield, in the West Midlands, would then leave the workers to realise that they had been duped.

In all they admitted taking advantage of nine workers by charging them to arrange employment within the UK, which never materialised.

Sentencing them both to 27 months imprisonment at Northampton Crown Court on Friday, Judge Michael Fowler described the pair as greedy and mean and ordered them to pay £1,580 in compensation.

He said: “You are unfortunately so immoral and unscrupulous that the temptation to take people’s money rather than earn it yourselves was too attractive.”

Police have welcomed the sentence.

Detective Supt Glyn Timmins said: “The cynical manner in which individuals seek to make quick cash from honest people seeking work in a foreign country is sickening.

“I cannot imagine how frightening and upsetting it must be for these victims to find themselves abandoned in a foreign country with their hard earned money gone.”

The pair were arrested as a result of the largest police operation targeting the exploitation of migrant works in the UK.