Now THREE more cannabis farms are found in Wellingborough, Kettering and Rushden

Police have found three more cannabis factories in our towns - just two weeks after the county’s biggest ever grow house was found in a bingo hall.

The inside of the Rushden cannabis house
The inside of the Rushden cannabis house

East Northants Police teams found 1,000 plants in a house in Higham Park Road. Officers acting on intelligence went into the house at about 9.45am on Wednesday (June 26) and found nearly every room full of cannabis plants.

One man has been arrested.

In Wellingborough, police officers raided a premises in Newcomen Road at 11.15am on Tuesday (June 25) and found fifty cannabis plants.

In Kettering, also on Tuesday, electricity company officials investigating fraudulent use of power entered a property in quiet Pollard Street. They discovered a cannabis factory spread over two floors.

One police officer subsequently received an injury during a chase with a suspect.

The people running the factory had vented through the roof of the house and had rigged up their own dangerous wiring for the hydroponic system.

Some of the plants found in the East Northants grow house

The landlady of the property said she had no idea that her house was being used as a cannabis factory.

She said: “It’s a shock to see the house in this state. It was lovely when we rented it out.

“The tenants paid on time and we had no problems from them. We had no idea they were doing this.”

The three more factories are the latest in a string of cannabis factories found in our area. Earlier this year Kettering’s Proactive Policing team broke into an industrial unit in Cronin Road to find an industrial scale factory. Just a month later, in March, they entered another unit, this time in Brunel Road where they found about 1,500 plants.

The inside of the cannabis factory in Pollard Street, Kettering

Earlier this month, another factory with plants totalling £190,000 was found at a Kettering curry house.

Then came the raid on Gala Bingo where police uncovered cannabis that could be worth a potential £2.8m.

Finally, earier this week a former factory in Rushden was raided and officers found another £1m of plants.

Quiet Pollard Street, where a cannabis factory was disvoered on Tuesday
The interior of Pollard Street was badly damaged