Northants man escaped from prison to spend time with his dying mother given no extra jail time

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A Northamptonshire man who walked out of an open prison so he could spend time with his dying mother has not received an extension to his current custodial sentence.

Scott Lawson, aged 28, sparked a manhunt on October 9 after he went missing from HMP Spring Hill, a category D prison near Aylesbury.

Lawson was missing for four days before he surrendered himself back to police.

Northampton Crown Court heard that Lawson had walked out of the prison because he had received a phone call informing him that his mother only had days left to live.

Henry James, mitigating, said Lawson’s mother died three days later and he spent a day with his family grieving before handing himself back to police.

Lawson, who was given a four-year prison sentence in February, pleaded guilty to a charge of escaping from custody.

Recorder Hefin Rees QC gave Lawson, of Kingsway, Wellingborough, a six-week prison sentence.

Recorder Rees said it was an “exceptional case” due to the tragic circumstances so he decided to make his sentence concurrent rather than consecutive to his existing jail term.