Northamptonshire man planning to sell cocaine ‘to fund daughter’s education’ had bought Eminem tickets

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A Northamptonshire man has been given two years and four months in prison for possession of cocaine with intent to supply after he said he needed the money for “his daughter’s education”.

Paul Savage, of Trafford Road, Rushden, was arrested after police stopped him driving a Ford Focus at 3.30am without the headlights switched on in October.

After searching his car, they found 15 grams of cocaine, worth £2,200, and a set of scales in a Tesco carrier bag.

At Northampton Crown Court yesterday the 30-year-old admitted intending to supply the drugs.

Mr Lowne, prosecuting, said: “During a police interview the defendant said he intended to sell the drugs to friends because he needed money for his daughter’s education.

“But police also found a pay slip for more than £300 and tickets to an Eminem concert in the car.”

Mr Smithet, in mitigation, said: “He knows his actions have hurt other people. He wants to do something about his drug habit.”

Judge Timothy Smith sentenced Savage to two years and four months in prison.