Northamptonshire man jailed after stabbing holidaymaker in the neck with a broken bottle

The scene of the murder outside a Magaluf bar
The scene of the murder outside a Magaluf bar

A man from Northamptononshire who stabbed a father-of one in the neck while on holiday has been jailed.

Thomas Swannell, 46, was in Magaluf with a group of 60 supporters and players of Finedon Dolben Cricket Club when he killed Gary Vigors, 42, of Essex in March 2011.

Swannell, of Wellingborough Road, Northampton, was at Palma de Mallorca court on on Wednesday where he admitted murder and was jailed for six years, minus the two years he has spent remanded in custody.

Swannell stabbed Mr Vigors, an IT manager with Barclays Bank, in the neck with a broken bottle, severing his jugular vein.

He died at the scene, with Swannell arrested soon after.

The court took into account the mitigating factor that Swannell was drunk at the time.

His sentence was also determined on the basis that he paid the court 160,000 euros in compensation to the Vigors family.

Following the killing, the Telegraph reported that witnesses had seen an angry confrontation between Swannell and Mr Vigors earlier in the evening at the Plaza Cafe Bar on Magaluf’s famous Punta Balena strip, but friend managed to separate them.

By tragic coincidence, the pair up met up again at 2am at the Plaza Bar, when staff had to drag them apart and eject them, though by this time Mr Vigors had already been gouged and had his jugular vein cut.

On the pavement outside, friends of the fatally injured man tried vainly to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until an ambulance arrived 25 minutes later. Paramedics took over and fought for nearly an hour to keep Mr Vigors alive, but he was dead by the time they transferred him to hospital.

Charly Hamblyn, the Plaza Bar’s resident singer, pictured, said shortly after the murder: “I’ve never seen anything so savage and horrific. I was in total shock – you never expect someone to die in front of your eyes.”