New bid to stop speeding on county’s roads

Ray Johnston of Earls Barton Speedwatch
Ray Johnston of Earls Barton Speedwatch

A successful scheme to tackle speeding drivers, which once had 700 volunteers, has been re-launched this month.

Funding for Community Speed Watch was withdrawn in 2011, but the scheme is now back and Northamptonshire Police is on the look-out for volunteers to join in.

The news comes as police figures show that more than 20,000 drivers were caught by the force’s own mobile speed cameras in the last financial year.

Mike Johnson, safer roads team manager, said tackling speeding can help save lives.

He said: “If a driver is sticking to the speed limit they are more likely to survive a collision than if they are speeding.

“And by people driving more sensibly within the speed limit, there is a chance to save people’s lives.

“If we can educate people on that, people are more likely to drive appropriately.”

Jon Hodgson, a sergeant with Northants Police Safer Roads Team, said data from previous years showed a reduction in speeding when communities take part in Speed Watch.

He added: “We are actively looking for parish or communities who want to take part this year. If they have concerns they can contact us.”

Interested participants can contact their local safer community team on 101.