MURDER TRIAL: Suspect ‘visited victim’s house on five occasions’

Northampton Crown Court.
Northampton Crown Court.

Murder suspect Mark Ellson is said to have visited Giuseppe Miceli’s house on five separate occasions around the time the coin dealer was killed, a court was told.

CCTV taken from various cameras in the area shows a man, believed to be Ellson, arriving and departing the house, four times in daylight and once at night.

On all but one occasion the man is seen with a laptop bag over his shoulder, and on the other occasion, he is seen leaving the house without it.

A short while later, he is seen to return to the property, and emerge with the laptop case five minutes later.

Last week, the jury heard that a laptop case was seized from Ellson, and a forensic investigation revealed spots of blood on it were Mr Miceli’s.

Mr Miceli, aged 71, died of head injuries some time between 11.10am on Friday, July 12, 2013, and 12.30pm the following day, at his home in Bants Lane, Duston.

Ellson, aged 41, formerly of Wellingborough, denies murder.

The jury was shown footage from July 11, when a figure believed to be Ellson is seen visiting a telephone box in Dallington Road at 12.25pm, from which it is said he called Mr Miceli.

The man is then seen going to Mr Miceli’s house at 2.14pm, before leaving at 3.39pm, and calling him again from the telephone box at 4.50pm.

The next day, July 12, Ellson is said to have called Mr Miceli from the telephone box at 11.39am, then entered Mr Miceli’s house at 2.19pm, leaving at 3.50pm.

Ellson is believed to return to the house again at 4.46pm, and leaves at 5.36pm, without the laptop bag over his shoulder.

He then is seen to go back at 6pm, and leaves at 6.05pm, carrying the laptop bag.

Further CCTV shows a man believed to be Ellson in Bants Lane at 2.40am on July 13.

But William Harbage QC, defending, disputed this.

He said: “It is extremely difficult to tell anything about the person. It is of poor quality and there is only an inference that it is Mr Ellson.”

Further CCTV then showed Ellson arriving at Northampton railway station at 6am on July 13, before getting off a train in Nottingham just after 8.30am, and checking into The Cotswold Hotel in the city just before midday.

There, he is said to have paid the £105 bill for two nights’ stay with two brand new £50 notes.

He returned to Northampton by train on July 15, and was arrested at 5am the following day.

The trial continues.