MURDER TRIAL: Suspect denied causing Giuseppe Miceli’s death in interview

Northampton Crown Court.
Northampton Crown Court.
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Mark Ellson told police interviewers he had nothing to do with Giuseppe Miceli’s death, before complaining he had lost “30 hours of his life,” a court heard.

A jury at Northampton Crown Court heard the transcript of Ellson’s interview, in which he admitted making a number of visits to Mr Micelli’s house, to discuss the sale of his old Royal Navy medals.

Mr Miceli, aged 71, died of head injuries some time between 11.10am on Friday, July 12, 2013, and 12.30pm the following day, at his home in Bants Lane, Duston.

Ellson, aged 41, formerly of Wellingborough, denies murder.

Asked in interview if he was responsible for Mr Miceli’s death, Ellson said: “No I am not. I wasn’t anywhere near him. I’d had dealings with Giuseppe, but I did not kill him.

“I have had dealings with him for the last six weeks. He bought some of my medals. I’d seen him about five time in four weeks.

“I had never had a cross word with the man. He is quite a gentle soul.”

Ellson then began asking questions about how long he could be detained for, adding: “Time is ticking”.

He later said: “It is nothing to do with me. None of it is anything to do with me. I have had 30 hours of my life taken from me.”

The trial continues.