MURDER TRIAL DAY TWO: Alleged murderer ‘refused’ to call for ambulance after fatal attack, jury hears

Murder victim Steven Smith, 23, of Trafford Road, Rushden NNL-141029-101241001
Murder victim Steven Smith, 23, of Trafford Road, Rushden NNL-141029-101241001

The partner of a Rushden man who suffered fatal stab wounds has told a jury that his alleged murderer “refused” to hand over his phone to her so she could call for an ambulance.

On the second day of a trial involving Danney Beaumont, aged 27, who is accused of murdering Steven Smith, evidence was given by the victim’s partner Ainsley Douglas.

Ms Douglas, who lived with Mr Smith in a council house in Trafford Road, Rushden, said she was in the house on the evening that her partner suffered his fatal injuries.

She said she tried to split up Beaumont and her partner after they began “pushing and shoving” in the early hours of October 25 last year.

The jury was told that Ms Douglas heard Beaumont say “no one starts on me” and kept “going at” her partner.

Ms Douglas said, as a result of the argument, one of her children woke up and she went upstairs to calm them.

When she came back downstairs Ms Douglas said she saw her husband facing her in the entrance of the kitchen with a slash across his t-shirt and she told the jury she could see blood coming from a wound.

Ms Douglas said her partner had nothing in his hands but Beaumont, standing behind him, had a knife in his hand.

Under questioning by prosecution barrister Amjad Malik, Ms Douglas said: “He (Beaumont) looked angrier than I had ever seen him before.

“I knew he had a mobile phone in his pocket so I asked him to hand it to me so I could ring an ambulance as my phone battery was dead.

“I said give me your phone so I can ring an ambulance. He said ‘no’ and did not hand over the phone.”

Ms Douglas told the court she then went to get her mobile phone charger in the kitchen and then turned around and saw Beaumont stab Mr Smith in the back.

The jury then heard Ms Douglas recount how she helped her partner to the front door before he collapsed.

She then got help from a neighbour, who called an ambulance. However, despite emergency treatment from paramedics, Mr Smith died shortly afterwards in Northampton General Hospital.

Beaumont, of Maple Road, Rushden, denies a charge of murder. The trial is due to last two weeks.