Men barred from Kettering pub 'for causing criminal damage and arson'

A group of men who filmed themselves setting fire to and defecating on football shirts at a Kettering pub have been told they are no longer welcome.

Tuesday, 1st October 2019, 1:26 pm
The Briars in Brambleside, where the incident happened

The incident happened at The Briars in Brambleside at about 10.15pm on Saturday (September 28) after Tottenham had beaten Southampton 2-1 in the Premier League earlier in the day.

The Briars often shows football matches on TV screens and had several Tottenham shirts pinned on the walls and ceiling.

In a video that has since been deleted from Facebook, a group of men filmed themselves setting fire to a shirt that was hanging on a wooden structure in the pub's smoking area.

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The Briars posted on Facebook to say they had contacted police and that the men would not be welcome again.

Other clips show a man defecating over a shirt and later wiping his behind with it.

Another man is seen urinating over the top.

There were also photos in the Snapchat story that clearly showed some men's faces.

One photo shows two men stood in the Briars' smoking area holding two Tottenham shirts and the caption reads: "2 down 4 to go".

The pub's Tottenham shirts were damaged in the incident

Another photo of a man holding a Spurs top was captioned: "Another one bites the dust, up the gunners".

The Briars posted on their Facebook page on Sunday and said: "After events which happened last night - we would like to inform everybody that we have rang the police on the people which are involved in causing criminal damage and arson.

"They are not welcome to return to the Briars after seeing video evidence and CCTV footage.

"The Briars is open as usual."

A member of staff at The Briars said the pub did not want to comment any further.

A police spokesman confirmed an incident of criminal damage had been reported to them.