Man who sped through Northamptonshire village at 100 mph in police chase handed jail term

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A dangerous driver who sped at 100 mph through a Northamptonshire village to avoid being caught in a stolen car has been jailed for 20 months.

Jamie Jarvis stole an Audi A4 from a home on Baring Road, Northampton, on June 26 by climbing through an open window of a home and taking the car keys from inside.

Police chased 21-year-old Jamie Jarvis through Great Harrowden in Northamptonshire at 100 mph before bringing him to a stop using "stingers."

Police chased 21-year-old Jamie Jarvis through Great Harrowden in Northamptonshire at 100 mph before bringing him to a stop using "stingers."

But when the 21-year-old drove off without paying for £40 worth of petrol at a Brxworth filling station and reversed into a parked car the next day, he triggered a lengthy police chase which saw him hurtle along the A509 through Isham at 70mph and Great Harrowden at 100 mph, 60 mph over the speed limit.

Even after the tyres of the car were punctured using police ‘stingers’, Jarvis continued to drive along the A14 at breakneck speeds, only coming to a halt when a wheel fell off and the car skidded into an embankment.

At Northampton Crown Court yesterday he was sentenced to 20 months in prison for dangerous driving, theft, burglary, making off without a payment and driving a car without insurance.

Sentencing Jarvis, of South Oval, Kings Heath, judge Michael Fowler, said: “It is an extremely serious offence, not least because you had other people in the car with you but because of the level of danger presented by the driving you were undertaking.”

Prosecuting, Rachel Law described how, during the chase, Jarvis had driven through several red lights.

After the Audi was punctured by the police stingers, she said pursuing officers saw the vehicle “skidding across the road as he struggled to control it.”

The car finally came to a stop on the A45 southbound by the Great Billing interchange and officers witnessed Jarvis switching to a passenger seat as they approached the vehicle on foot.

Yesteday Jarvis was also sentenced for a harassment matter.

In mitigation for him Alison Hollis said the defendant had suffered a difficult upbringing, had a “history of substance abuse” and had been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

On the burglary offence, she said Jarvis was homeless at the time having had difficulties with a mental health program he had been enrolled on.

He had been sleeping in a tent near to the home he broke into in Baring Road on June 26.

“It was an impulsive and opportunistic offence and Mr Jarvis’s personality disorder can be said to have contributed to it,” Ms Hollis said.

And on the dangerous driving matter, she said Jarvis claimed to have been “scared to stop” because he was “hearing voices in his head, which urged him to continue driving.”

She aded that the defendant would be experiencing his first time in prison and felt “sick to the stomach” for his actions.

Along with his prison term Jarvis was banned from driving for 18 months and handed a restraining order.