Kettering Boots open as normal despite break-in

A spokesperson for Boots has said customers should be reassured that the Kettering shop is open as normal following a break-in last night.

Boots was one of the stores affected by a break-in at the Newlands centre in Tanners Lane, Kettering, last night when thieves stole cash and jewellery.

Customers can get into Boots via their Gold Street entrance

Customers can get into Boots via their Gold Street entrance

A spokesperson for Boots UK said: "We can confirm there was an incident of breaking and entering on September 11 at our Gold Street store in Kettering. We are working with the police and are unable to comment on their ongoing investigation at the moment, but we would like to reassure our customers that the store is open for business and trading as normal."

Police said the break-in affected seven stores in total and occurred between 11.30pm Tuesday night and 12.30am this morning.

Shoppers walking through the centre have seen the damage that was caused, including smashed windows and doors in the various affected shops.

Boots' Newlands centre entrance was affected, with a glass pane at the bottom of a door broken.

That entrance is closed to customers but the shop can be accessed from Gold Street.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone with information to call 101.