Judge releases repeat violent Kettering sex predator into community

A violent pervert with an eleven year history of crimes against women was given a suspended sentence by a sympathetic judge after a court heard how he had breached an order designed to stop him reoffending.

Monday, 1st July 2019, 9:00 am
Sills admitted the charges against him

James Anthony Sills has 14 previous sexually-motivated offences starting in 2008 when he was just 21.

He first appeared before the courts when he followed a woman into the toilets of a nightclub, tried to grab her from above the cubicle, tore at her clothes and physically assaulted her. He eventually received a 15 month jail sentence for sexual assault and ABH, blaming his autism.

On release from prison, Sills, now 32, of Vale Street in Kettering, was given a sexual offences prevention order to try to stop him reoffending.

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Sills admitted the charges against him

He breached that three times in 2012 and was sent to prison for two-and-a-half years and was then given an eight-month suspended prison sentence in 2015 when he breached it again.

In August 2016, Sills assaulted his former partner when she found out he was a sex offender. Then he went to Aura in Kettering, loitered around the toilets, went in and grabbed a female member of staff by the hair so hard that he dragged her along the floor.

He served half of a three year prison sentence for those offences and when he was released, was again given strict conditions to prevent him committing any more crimes.

On May 10 this year, police tasked with ensuring he was complying with those conditions went to his house and found an iPhone charging that he had not told them about. The history had been deleted, which he was been prevented from doing by the court order.

He admitted in police interview that he had been using it to search Twitter for porn, and said his local church had given him the phone so he could be a part of their WhatsApp group.

Appearing in court on Friday (June 28) with his head bowed, Sills admitted one offence of deleting his internet history and a second of failing to register his phone number and provider with police.

Prosecuting, Jonathan Dunne said: “He said he’d had the iPhone 5 for four months but while doing a search on that mobile phone it became apparent that the internet history went back only to May 8, two days beforehand.”

Sills also admitted that he had been for a meal and had a walk with a woman without informing police but no charges were brought with regard to this incident.

A probation service report said that he had been doing well and asked the judge to consider allowing him to continue working with them outside of jail in the community. The probation officer said that Sills knew he’d let himself down, adding that he ‘clearly does know how to comply with the order, but somehow he forgets’. His autism was once again mentioned.

His church members had written a long character reference to the court and said that he had signed a safeguarding agreement with them.

The court heard how Sills would lose his accommodation if he was sent back to prison

Mitigating, James Smith-Wilds said that Sills had admitted he’d done wrong, adding: “He has been engaging very well with the probation service.”

Her Honour Judge Rebecca Crane said that Sills had attempted to minimise his behaviour and that he was unable to sustain compliance with his order.

Sentencing Sills to eight months for each of the two breaches, to run consecutively, Judge Crane said she would suspend the sentence for 18 months.

She said: “While there’s a risk to the public, there’s a prospect of rehabilitation.

“I therefore consider it’s worth a chance.

“If you breach the suspended sentence, don’t come looking for a second chance. You’re getting that today.”

He was also ordered to complete 30 days of rehabilitation.

Sill’s Twitter and Facebook profiles are still active although he has not tweeted since May 10 when he was arrested by police.